Join fellow Gashland family members this summer as we look for ways to connect, to know, be known, and have fun together! Each themed social group will meet a minimum of three times (once a month) in June, July and August to explore their common interests. Each social group will have a general organizer, but the groups will get to determine how best to get to know one another and have fun together. Each group only has 10-12 spots available, and depending on interest, may have more than one social group. See below for descriptions and sign up today!

Summer Social Groups:

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If you have a love of film and movies,come along with this group as they watch in house movies or venture to a theatre! This will challenge your ability to find redemptive themes in the film industry.

Love coffee? The smell, the taste, the ambience. Join together with fellow coffee lovers and dabble in coffee tastings, or explore the various coffeehouses around Kansas City.

Don’t love to cook but love to eat? Love to find the newest spots around town to sample? Join this group as they explore fun and interesting eateries in the Kansas City area!

If you always have your nose in a book and want to join others with the same passion, come together as your group decides on three books they would like to read and discuss over the summer.

As a group, you can decide whether you tackle fiction, non-fiction, Christian, or the classics!

Are you always wanting to play boardgames or cards? This is the perfect group for you! It could be a night of Catch Phrase, Apples to Apples, Rummicube or even Bridge. Your group will be able to decide the games you play together!

This group will be devoted to finding the best BBQ spots around town or in their own backyard. Kansas City has a lot to offer and everyone has their favorite spot. Go explore near and far with each other or dabble on the home grill together.

Feeling cooped up? Need fresh air? This social group will tackle the out doors! Enjoy bike riding, finding a new park to explore, planning a picnic, going for a hike or visiting the botanical gardens! This is for everyone who wants to get out, be active and explore nature.

No you don’t have to be a gourmet chef to join this group, but a love of eating and some dabbling in cooking helps! This group will meet in different homes where dishes will be cooked around different themes. Recipes will be shared and good food will be tasted!

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Couples please register separately if you have different interests.

Please note that May 26th is the deadline to sign up so groups can be assigned and begin meeting.

Summer Socials