The Observation Assessment provides a tool for your brothers and sisters in Christ to assist in helping you discover your spiritual gifts.  While your spiritual gifts may be so much a normal part of your life that you exercise them without being consciously aware of them as gifts, others around you will frequently be able to provide an objective evaluation of how God has gifted you.

We suggest you ask no more than three individuals to complete this assessment tool on your behalf.  PLEASE BE ASSURED that if you only have one person you would like to fill it out, this will be fine.

Be sure you give the person making the observation assessment sufficient time to complete it.  Within this context, it is important to give them a deadline as well.  This input will be helpful to your coach — and you — as you explore together your Spiritual Gifts.

There are three ways to get this tool into the hands of your assessor.

1.  The easiest and preferred method.  You can enter their names and e-mail addresses here and we will send them a link to fill out the form online. (It is suggested that you follow up with them so that you know they have received the tool.  If you desire, we can send the same e-mail to you so that you have a copy of it as well.)

  • Personal Information

  • If you would like a copy of the email sent to your reference(s) as a backup, please enter your email here.
  • Observer(s) Information

2.  Occasionally an e-mail filter or other technical problem may hinder your email from making it to the desired person. If they have not received the tool via step one above, they can still fill it out online.  Simply copy and paste the following link and send it in an e-mail:  Please include a short note explaining what you are asking of them.  If you would like an example of a short note we have already prepared simply click here and copy and paste the note into the body of your e-mail.

3.  If you prefer a paper copy, you can click here for a PDF of the document and have them fill it out by hand.  If you do not have the capability to print this page, you may also pick up a copy in the front office.  This will need to be turned into the church office prior to your assessment.


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This is a sample of the tool developed by Bruce Bugbee to assess experience.  You will find this, and other assessments for determining your spiritual gifts, in his workbook titled Discover Your Spiritual Gifts the Networked Way. 
You can order this book directly from his website, or through your favorite Christian bookstore.  Be sure to order this book prior to using these materials.