Spiritual Gifts Discovery

I’d like your opinion!

I am seeking to better understand how God has equipped me to serve others. One part of the process involves getting feedback from a few people who know me reasonably well. Your thoughts about what I do best and the way I relate to others will be very helpful. Please take a few minutes to complete this assessment.


1. The following pages contain descriptions of spiritual gifts and a range of scores (0-3) for rating the “giftedness” of the person you are assessing.


3 = Consistently/Definitely True

2 = Most of the Time/Usually True

1 = Some of the Time/Once in a While

0 = Don’t Know/Haven’t Observed

2. Circle the appropriate score according to how true it is of the person you are describing.

3. When you have completed scoring the questions, write the score for each statement in the corresponding alphabetically-lettered box on the Observation Assessment Summary Page (page 6).

4. Finally, answer the questions on page 7 to select what you believe are the most prominent gifts of the person you are assessing.


  • Answer according to what seems to be true of them most of the time… not what you would like them to be, or think they should be.
  • To what degree do these statements reflect their tendencies?
  • Please complete the form at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

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