Listen closely.  Second through six graders. The sermon is for you.

Starting September 9th, children in the 2nd through the 6th grade can participate in the Sunday sermon at an entirely different level!  As you enter the Sanctuary for the 8:30 service, or the Worship Center for the 11:00 service, pick up a Sermon Search sheet at the door.  This is your decoder for that Sunday’s sermon.  Listen closely as Mr. Ritchey preaches through the book of Genesis.  Tucked inside each week’s sermon are a handful of clues for you to record on your decoder.  Put it all together at the end of the sermon to decipher that Sunday’s clue.  Fill out all of the clues and you will have a chance to solve the riddle at the end of the year!

See if you can complete the “Sermon Search” and learn the truth of God’s Word.

Always remember… listen closely.