Property Team

Deacon Leaders: Matt Armstrong 

The Property Team seeks to keep the property functional and operational, and maintain the integrity of the building so that the ministries of the church can forward unhindered.

  1. Oversee Property and Maintenance Staff (Custodians, Vendors): The Property Team will oversee the contracts and performance of all building custodians, maintenance and janitorial vendors. The Property Team will also oversee all supplies needed for these services.

  2. Maintenance and Repair

    1. Grounds – The Property Team will encourage, enable and oversee the Mow Team, landscaping and snow removal volunteers.  The Property Team parking lot maintenance.
    2. Church Building – The Property Team will oversee and manage all maintenance and repair issues regarding the church facilities.
    3. Improvement/Updating – The Property Team will seek to address all maintenance needs in a timely manner.  The Property team will also oversee all building preventative maintenance.  Non Vision – Consultant
    4. Organize Church Work Days
    5. Consulting for Insurance Purposes
    6. Consulting for Big Picture
  3. Oversight of Property Use and Equipment

    1. Carry Out Building Use Policy and Vision Set By Coordinating Team of Session
    2. Building Access/Key Disbursement
    3. Opening and Closing Down of Church
    4. Handling Item/Property Usage Requests