Mercy Team

Deacon Leaders: Mary Lancaster, Cindy Taylor, Ishi Stackpole & Pam Parker

The Mercy Team provides help and care for the sick, elderly, and those in need within Gashland Presbyterian Church as well as assist with walk in requests and catastrophic situations outside Gashland.

  1. Within Gashland
    1. Work Alongside and Aid Elder Undershepherding
    2. Care for Sick, Elderly, Shut-In, Institutionalized, Single Parents
      • Transportation
      • Spiritual Needs
      • Meals
      • Visitation
      • Referral to Community Help and Connecting Them to Available Church Help
    3. Encourage and Train Congregation to Participate in Mercy/Benevolence
    4. Operation of the Fellowship Fund
  2. Outside of Gashland
    1. Meet Emergency Needs For Those In and Outside the Church During Crisis and Catastrophic Situations
    2. Create and Carry Out Policy for Walk In Requests