Coordinating Team

Elder Leaders: Dallas Reeve & Don Vande Polder 

The Coordinating Team’s primary responsibility is to provide oversight and facilitate the functioning of the body, members and staff, in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, the EPC Book of Order, and Book of Government through service to the glory of the Almighty God.  (Book of Order, Book Of Government 16:10, Pages 43-44) 

The Coordinating Team Chairman is led by an active, serving Elder with team members appointed by the Chairman.  The Coordinating Team will meet monthly or any special meetings as called by the Chairman. The Coordinating Team will provide focus and oversight as follows:

  1. Personnel Work: The Coordinating Team will promote consistent practices in seeking the appropriate staffing levels; provide all required policies, documented guidelines and reporting for staff and volunteers within GPC.
  2. Receive Members: The Coordinating Team will promote consistent practices in seeking, identifying, and publicly recognizing new, and transferring, members in accordance with the Book of Order.
  3. Oversee Roll: The Coordinating Team will oversee and coordinate with the administrative staff to maintain an active and accurate roll of church membership and any required reporting to Session and Presbytery.
  4. Policy Makers for Buildings and Property (i.e. weddings, events, requests, etc): The Coordinating Team will assist the B&G team with the direction, guidelines, and principles of any/all policies impacting the utilization of GPC property.
  5. Finance and Budget Direction as Outlined in Book Of Government: The Coordinating Team will assist the Finance Team, in accordance with the Book Of Government, with the direction, guidelines, principles and communication of all finance policies and activities.  
  6. Work With Pastor to Facilitate Vision/Mission Discussion and Execution at Session Level
  7. Oversight of Deacons
    1. Review Budget
    2. Training/Instruction (see BOG 16-5 through 16-7)
    3. Oversee Deacon Partners in Undershepherding
    4. Review Minutes
  8. Encourage Presbytery Involvement, Session Attendance and Team Participation
  9. Oversee Session Meeting Preparation and Assist Moderator During Meetings
  10. Prayer:  Prayer Initiatives for Significant Events in the Life of the Church