Church Sponsored Events

These events are planned and coordinated by one or more ministry teams at Gashland. Therefore, church-sponsored events must be consistent with the mission, vision, and values or Gashland.*Only church sponsored events are eligible for promotion through all of our communication vehicles includingThe Link on our website, the emailed Link every Wednesday, and Sunday’s printed Link.

Examples of church-sponsored events:

  • Adult Education Classes
  • Men’s and Women’s Retreats
  • Children and Student Ministries Programs
  • Prayer Meetings
  • Elder and Deacon Meetings
  • Any event sponsored and approved by a specific ministry team.
  • Ministry Staff planned events

Every GEPC ministry has a ministry advocate a staff member/appointed ministry team member responsible for that ministry. A ministry advocate serves that ministry and its leadership, while also maintaining proper accountability to church leadership for what happens in that ministry. They also help that ministry to create a strategic plan.

A strategic plan is an annual plan created by each ministry and implemented for each fiscal year (which begins each January 1). The strategic plan helps that ministry facilitate events and activities consistent with its mission and with the mission of the whole church. It also contains all events and activities for that ministry. *The number of events and activities for that ministry will be determined by the ministry advocate and church leadership based on its priority within the scope of the whole church. Finally, the strategic plan is approved by the ministry advocate and church leadership before implementation.

Process for Church Sponsored Events:

1.) Event Leader Submits an Event Request Form online
Please submit all forms for Church sponsored events at least 8 weeks before your event or activity.

2.) A Ministry Advocate will contact you regarding your event within 1 Month of submitting your Event Request Form.

3.) Wait for GEPC sponsorship approval on your event:
You will be contacted within 10 days with the status of your event approval

Please fill out the Church Sponsored Event Request form once you have read and understood the Church sponsorship policies above.