The purpose of this assessment is to assist you in the identification and articulation of your God-given Ministry Passion. The results will release greater motivation and enthusiasm in your life and ministry.


1.  You may not be able to answer all of the questions. That is okay. The Assessment is designed to explore a variety of ways God speaks to us about our Ministry Passion. He has probably spoken to you in some of these ways, but not all of them.

2. Prayerfully consider your responses to each question.

3. Since this is an individual exercise, complete the Assessment on your own.

4. There is no right or wrong answers. You have permission to say what is on your heart.

5. At this point, do not consider whether you could do it or how you could do it. All you need to do right now is name it.

6. Assume there are no obstacles to hinder you from fulfilling your heart’s desire (Ministry Passion).  Assume everything is taken care of … family, money, career, time, etc.

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