Experience Assessment

There is often a correlation between Christian experiences and spiritual gifts. This assessment explores personal experiences that might indicate which specific gifts you are most and least likely to have. If you have not served before, then you will identify which of your behaviors most approximate the behaviors of those who have certain gifts.


1. Read each of the 119 questions on the Spiritual Gifts questionnaire. For each question, respond with either:

This has been experienced in my life, much, some, little or not at all


“If given the opportunity I would want to do this much, some, little or none

and check the appropriate box of Much, Some, Little or None.

2. As you respond to the questions, please consider each in light of the following:

  • Answer according to who you are, not who you would like to be or think you should be.
  • How true of you are these statements?
  • What has been your experience?
  • To what degree do these statements reflect your tendencies?

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