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How can we pray for you?

Dear Neighbors,

We have been in this community for over 60 years sharing our lives together at Gashland Presbyterian Church.  Like everyone else we’ve gone through good times and tough times. We have had times of joy and times of sadness.  We’ve gone through periods of success and struggle.  Through these times we have learned the power of prayer. When we have struggles and concerns we pray for each other and ask God to give us guidance, healing, comfort or help – whatever the situation calls for.  We have learned time and again that God hears and answers prayer. Prayer works.

As your neighbor we would like to pray for you, too! You can send us any prayer concerns by calling or texting 892-0911 or emailing us at .

Jesus tells us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. And as your neighbor, we are here for you, not just on Sunday morning, but throughout the week. In that spirit, we look forward to being your neighbor as we pray for you and with you.


Prayer Works Team