Mitch Lynn | Director of Student Ministries

Mitch Lynn is our Director of Student Ministries. Mitch has been working at GPC since August 2010 and loves to be involved in students lives and their spiritual development. Mitch is from Denver, Colorado where he and his wife, Anna, met and were married in 2010. Mitch is a graduate of Southwest Baptist University with a degree in Biblical Studies.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include, but are not limited to: running long distances, spending time with my wife, snowshoeing, snowboarding, snow angels, and pretty much any sport except water polo and curling. I also love to read. Mostly books, but often magazines and sometimes the sports ticker on ESPN. I enjoy playing video games like Halo, Madden, and FIFA. I workout sometimes, not really to be fit, but mainly because I like the smell of the gym. It always smells so clean. 

What are your favorite movies/television shows?

I am a huge superhero fan, so if the movie involves someone in a cape and/or spandex I will probably like it. I enjoy movies that make me think like Inception, or Forrest Gump. Or stupid movies like Neapolitan Dynamite or Hot Rod.  I enjoy a plethora of movies, it really just depends on the story and whether or not I can relate to it. My favorite TV shows fall into those same categories. I loved LOST, Heroes and The Office. My wife and I are on a 24 binge right now, and I also watch Downton Abbey and Walking Dead.

What are your favorite books of all time?

I will read anything out by Tim Keller, Ravi Zacharias, G.K Chesterton, Francis Chan, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Francis Schaffer. Right now I am reading and studying a lot about the mission and ministry of the church, and why the church exists. On my reading list are: Sojourners and Strangers, The Pastor’s Justification, The Church: The Gospel Made Visible, and The Temple and the Church. I also really enjoy biographies and books centered around historical events.

How have you prepared yourself for the Denver Broncos to lose to the KC Chiefs?

David has to beat Goliath every now and then right? The Broncos have the better players, the better uniforms, the best stadium. Seeing that neither team has won a championship in a while, I really can’t boast too much.

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