Gashland is seeking a second service Worship Leader.  The job description is below.  If you are interested in applying for this position, you may inquire at or fill out the application form.

Gashland Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ministry Center Worship Leader

Position Summary:  To provide a music program that leads the congregation in worship and praise of God.  This position will incorporate worship that is biblical and culturally relevant that engages historical expressions and encourages theological reflection.

Position Details:  Part-Time Position, Reports to Senior Pastor, Demonstrates a Genuine Relationship with Jesus

Accountable for:  Worship Planning and Implementation for Second Service Including Oversight of Vocalists, Instrumentalists, Technical Team and Support Staff

Responsibilities:  In coordination with the Senior Pastor, plan, organize and direct the Sunday morning worship service in the ministry center.  This includes:

  1. Plan and coordinate weekly rehearsals and second service worship in line with the theology and traditions of the EPC and the EPC Book of Order.
  2. Recruit and schedule musicians (vocalists and instrumentalists) for the second service.
  3. Prepare Sunday morning worship slides (PowerPoint, Keynote) and communicate order of service to the office for bulletin preparation.
  4. Minister to the second service Worship Team by creating an atmosphere that facilitates team building and allows individuals to grow as musicians.
  5. Purchase necessary supplies and equipment as budgeted by the Worship Team.
  6. Research and incorporate new music into the services.
  7. Maintain organized music files (hard copies and digital copies) and distribute music from such files for each rehearsal/performance.
  8. Keep accurate records of all pertinent information needed to report to CCLI as required.
  9. Participate in the planning of special services. (combined services, evening services, various church functions requesting music, etc.)
  10. Participate in monthly elder Worship Team meeting, at the direction of the Senior Pastor.
  11. Communicate weekly with Senior Pastor to coordinate Sunday Morning worship.
  12. Oversee and coordinate technical aspects of worship such as sound, lighting, projector, etc.

Qualifications: Proven team leadership ability.  Vocal and/or instrumental proficiency.

Experience Desired: Previous experience leading congregational worship, demonstrating the ability to lead a team through all required aspects of worship preparation and implementation.

Rev. 10/24/13