Sunday mornings, 9:45-10:45

Beginning September 8th

Loving Truth in the Epistles of John

Teacher: Matt Martinie     Location: Room 217-218

What is love? How does God love us and how are we supposed to love one another? And what does love have to do with truth? Isn’t the truth sometimes painful and thus at odds with love? So which one wins out? These important topics naturally lead to a discussion about the antichrist. Yes, the antichrist – at least in the Apostle John’s mind they do. John wrote his epistles to believers struggling with love, truth, heresy, immorality, and assurance. Join us as we dig into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John to learn what the Holy Spirit wants to teach us.


 Teacher: Larry Harris     Location: Reception Room

Hebrews – the most mysterious book in the Bible! Was it written to the Hebrews or about the Hebrews? Who wrote it anyway? And who was this Melchizedek character and why should we care? Through this wonderfully mysterious book we gain the most wonderful message of God’s provision for his children. Come and learn and grow in your thankfulness to God for all He has done for you. You’ll be glad you did! All are welcome in the Reception Room!

2 Corinthians

Teacher: Beth Armstrong     Location: Fellowship Hall

The Apostle Paul’s leadership was undermined and attacked by this problematic church in Corinth which he founded. Even still, Paul showed his deep longing for reconciliation with this group of believers. They were far from perfect, and so are we. Come see how the God of all comfort worked through Paul, the church, and how He ultimately works through us as well.

How To Get Rich

Teacher: Binny Pearce     Location: Room 220

Did you know that Christ has made us rich? RICH! Yes, according to the writings of Paul in the book of Ephesians, we have available to us all the tools it takes to live rich, full lives. Paul explains what that means for a believer and how we can appropriate those truths each day. It contains both outstanding theology and instructions on practical living. It’s time we stop living on substitutes and learn to draw on the riches we have in Christ Jesus. Come join us.

Note: This class is for all who are 20-something-ish

The Men’s Class

Teacher: Chris Taylor     Location: Room 221

The Men’s Class is a fellowship of men devoted to praying for one another and journeying together as we strive to live out Biblically based authentic manhood. The class is open to all men on an ongoing basis—its makeup shifts from session to session as men join and depart depending on the their season of life and the urging of the Lord. We are currently studying what it looks like to more fully enter into the presence of God using pastor and theologian A.W. Tozer’s book Experiencing the Presence of God and the Book of Hebrews as our guides. We invite any man who longs for a deeper and richer walk with God to join us!

Note: This class is for men only so that we can address the unique issues facing Christian men today by sharing in an open and secure environment.

Why Jesus?

Teacher: Eric Adams     Location: Room 219

Why was Jesus born? Why did Jesus die? We have ready-made answers for these questions. Why was Jesus raised? Why did Jesus ascend? These might require a little more thought. Why did Jesus live? That’s a tough one—it’s complicated. Have you ever read through the gospels and been stumped by something Jesus said or did? Why did Jesus do what He did? Why did Jesus say what He said? During this session, we will explore all of these questions about Jesus, focusing particularly on His life.

Note: This class is for post-high school & pre-career

re:shape – Equipped to Equip Others

Teacher: Ritchey Cable     Location: Chapel

Gashland is starting on a journey to discover how each of us are designed. This journey requires people who are passionate about helping guide others in this discovery.  Starting September 8, we will have a six week training period where we learn about re:shape and the coaching and assessment role.  We’ll also work through several real life “case studies” of the process.  After this class, you will be ready to help others at our church discover God’s design for themselves and find their place in ministry.

Note: This class is for six (6) weeks only and concludes on October 16th.